In vitro replication of DNA containing either the SV40 or the polyoma origin

Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 1987 Dec 15;317(1187):439-53. doi: 10.1098/rstb.1987.0071.


The replication of DNA containing either the polyoma or SV40 origin has been done in vitro. Each system requires its cognate large-tumour antigen (T antigen) and extracts from cells that support its replication in vivo. The host-cell source of DNA polymerase alpha - primase complex plays an important role in discriminating between polyoma T antigen and SV40 T antigen-dependent replication of their homologous DNA. The SV40 origin- and T antigen-dependent DNA replication has been reconstituted in vitro with purified protein components isolated from HeLa cells. In addition to SV40 T antigen, HeLa DNA polymerase alpha - primase complex, eukaryotic topoisomerase I and a single-strand DNA binding protein from HeLa cells are required. The latter activity, isolated solely by its ability to support SV40 DNA replication, sediments and copurifies with two major protein species of 72 and 76 kDa. Although crude fractions yielded closed circular monomer products, the purified system does not. However, the addition of crude fractions to the purified system resulted in the formation of replicative form I (RFI) products. We have separated the replication reaction with purified components into multiple steps. In an early step, T antigen in conjunction with a eukaryotic topoisomerase (or DNA gyrase) and a DNA binding protein, catalyses the conversion of a circular duplex DNA molecule containing the SV40 origin to a highly underwound covalently closed circle. This reaction requires the action of a helicase activity and the SV40 T antigen preparation contains such an activity. The T antigen associated ability to unwind DNA copurified with other activities intrinsic to T antigen (ability to support replication of SV40 DNA containing the SV40 origin, poly dT-stimulated ATPase activity and DNA helicase).

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