Characteristic chromosomal abnormalities in biopsies and lymphoid-cell lines from patients with Burkitt and non-Burkitt lymphomas

Int J Cancer. 1976 Jan 15;17(1):47-56. doi: 10.1002/ijc.2910170108.


The karyotypes of cells from 10 Burkitt lymphoma (BL) biopsies, eight cell lines established from BL and nine cell lines from non-BL sources were studied by chromosome banding techniques. With the exception of the BL-derived cell lines BJAB, GC-BJAB, Maku and U-8691 all biopsies and lines of Burkitt origin contained an extra band at the distal region of the long arm of one chromosome 14. An extra band on chromosome 14 was also found in cells of one non-BL biopsy, in cells from a lymphosarcoma-derived cell line and in a long-established cell line derived from the pleural exudate of a patient with Hodgkin's disease. A distal region at the long arm of one chromosome 8 was missing in all metaphase figures of good technical quality in the same material. The size, morphology and stain-ability of the missing region corresponded fairly well to the extra region at chromosome 14. We therefore suggest that the chromosome 14 marker represents a translocation between chromosomes 8 and 14,t (8q-; 14q+). The translocation was present neither in lymphocytes of the peripheral blood of five Burkitt patients nor in five lymphoblastoid cell lines of non-BL origin. Trisomy 7 was found in two of the 10 BL biopsies, in two BL-derived cell lines, in one non-BL biopsy, in two lymphosarcoma-derived cell lines and in one cell line derived from a patient with Hodgkin's disease.

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